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e-Readers grow up

When the idea of paperless books got serious, it seemed a good direction to go in.  They were a bit utilitarian and not really good looking but functional.  But now, all the bells and whistles have arrived with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, web browsing, music and other features being added in.

Personally, I just want a large, clear screen with color capability to see properly rendered images.  But all things being equal, the ability to throw 100+ books in a bag or pocket and go is irresistable.  Like all gadgets, I will research them carefully weighing cost vs. necessary features.  Stop back soon for feedback on specific models.


And Away We Go…

Technology covers a broad range of topics, but it is important because no one is untouched by technology. Everyday we use things that were at one time new from running water to the TV remote.
The most important aspects of technology are size and power. To be useful, gadgets must be economical to use. A cell phone that needs charging every hour is useless. A laptop that can only be carried with a cart is not really portable.
I have learned many things in the past 6 weeks of snooping through technology and the most important is; RESEARCH. From social networking to cell phone use, know what you are getting. Technology is a useful tool, but like any tool, it can be dangerous in the hands of the untrained. Thanks for following me and I’ll be back soon with more helpful information.

Cell Phone Madness

OK, I took the plunge and bought the HTC EVO cell phone. I absolutely love it even without having gone through all the tutorials yet. The screen size and resolution make this phone. If you are tired of squinting at your tiny screen, consider this phone.
But what do you need from a cell phone? Make a list of the answers to this question before you go into a store to look for a phone. There are so many new models, you can get overwhelmed. Do some web research also. There are currently web reviews for all the major new phones (droid, EVO, Epic, and of course, iPhone 4)
The HTC EVO is hands down, the best phone I have used. But it is not for casual users. The phone requires study and tutoring to optimize and use properly. Not an investment for talkers and texters. But if your phone is your lifeline or business tool of choice, strongly consider the EVO. I have happily learned to live with a virtual keyboard as the price of a crisp, clear screen, excellent signal for talking, uploading and web surfing. And the photos! Yeeha, retire your digital camera, you can leave it at home. 8 megapixels with zoom rocks and it is easy to use the touchscreen icons. If you don’t like a photo, the trashcan is handy to delete and move on.
Although the phone is larger than most, it can still fit comfortably in your hand. As for the battery life issue, it only took me three days to optimize my phone to get a full day’s use on one charge including talking, texting and photos. BUT if you are taking a lot of pictures or watching videos, get a back up battery or take a mobile charger.
Bottom line; on a desert island, I want electricity and my EVO.

What good is a database?

Most non-technical people view databases as a great mystery.  Well the secret is a database is an electronic library of information customized so you can pull up just the information you want to use.  Imagine your favorite book in a database.  If you wanted to look up just your favorite chapter, you could do it using a search string or command like “mystery solved” or “page 210”.

The use for a database can be as simple as keeping track of books and CDs or as complex as managing your customer files in a small business.  Either way, the information can be retrieved without spending an hour digging through manual files and folders.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a crack tech wiz to use a small database.  Just start by building a simple Excel spreadsheet, then import the information into Access.  Access can create the database for you and walk you through creating input forms.  Viola!, you are a database user.

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