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Toshiba TabletWell tablet aficionados, Toshiba is giving you yet another choice to ponder.  According to, Toshiba will be releasing a new ultra-thin tablet this year packing major punch.  The Toshiba Thrive, their current tablet offering is bulky and hasn’t done well in spite of having some great features.  But Android and Me states that the new tablet will have a dual core 1.5 GHz processor along with several ports for connectivity and a removable/replaceable battery.

All this and competitive pricing starting at under $400.  Watch out world.


Confused  about back to school supplies?  Check this article rounding up some of the latest trends in electronic school shopping.

In addition to all the items listed, HP Touchpad is selling at remarkable prices (tip; check with Best Buy first) and HTC has the new Flyer out which is also available on the Sprint network.

And remember, just because a student wants it, doesn’t mean it’s the best purchase for their educational needs.  Any questions, please post in comments, I will be happy to answer.

Technology at its Finest

The article on the huge mansion in the Ozarks is a great example of using technology to save the environment.

On the other hand, how many trees and how much wildlife was destroyed or displaced to build this ode to the environment?

Using technology to conserve some resources at the expense of natural habitats and non-humanoid life is counter-intuitive at best.  Solutions to conserve or utilize new energy sources must be examined for unexpected pitfalls.  Our generations of lack of foresight have brought us to this tipping point.  To move forward responsibly is to create solutions that meet global demands for energy and sustain our natural resources.

Anything less is robbing future generations of the quality of life we have taken for granted to this point.


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