privacyWell, Google has stirred the privacy pot up again. There is no opt out, if you use any Google product, your actions will be tracked. So, what does this portent for Google Search, Gmail and *gasp* YouTube?  Well, if you are surfing online and have something you don’t want anyone to know, you shouldn’t use any Google product or the Chrome browser.  Clearly, Google will be tracking everything and if you have something to hide, it will be available to others.

Now, the privacy policy has no effect on me.  Techsnoop says nothing or goes nowhere online that can’t be defended.  But, Techsnoop understands that some are in different situations.  Advice is this; read all privacy policies of browsers before you use them.  Understand who and under what circumstances your activities may be exposed.  Know how you will be tracked.  And finally, if you are online, live transparently.  Keep your secrets off line.  Technology has always had the potential to expose activity.  This is not new, Google is just stating it simply and clearly.  If you use our product, your information will be monitored.

Big Brother is not watching you yet, he’s just recording you for future viewing.  Think of it as DVR for the Internet and act accordingly.

Happy surfing.