small businessThose of you who follow Techsnoop’s Helper know we have been pushing support for Small Business in America.  Today’s post is about a town who turned out to do just that.  Chagrin Falls, Ohio has a hardware store that has been family owned and operated for 72 years.

One resident started an e-mail that was forwarded to friends until nearly the entire town turned out to make purchases at the hardware store.  Out of town friends even made phone orders.  The message challenged friends to spend at least $21 at the store.  Well, as Techsnoop stated in an earlier post, $20 may not seem much, but when added up over a community, it can keep a small business open and hiring.

This story highlights the power of social media leveraged for good and how true community is defined.

Kudos to Chagrin Falls, Ohio and all who supported Chagrin Hardware.