Gold CrossMore Craigslist drama.

It’s just not right that a Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and returned hale and hearty should get shot at home over a necklace.  But that’s just what happened in Florida.  A woman posted a gold necklace on Craigslist for sale and her fiancee met with the supposed buyers for a sale.  He thought he was meeting them at a mall plaza but it turned out to be an apartment complex.  Although he met them in the open, they snatched the necklace and took off running.  He chased them and then they shot him several times.

These two idiots had no intention of paying for this necklace.  They thought they were meeting with a woman alone and there were two of them.  They set the meeting up at an apartment complex they probably were familiar with since they took off running.  They didn’t anticipate being chased down by a Marine.  Well, now they are in jail on armed robbery and attempted murder.  Happy New Year.

Criminals; stay off Craigslist, it is a great resource and you are ruining it!!

Be safe, technology is a tool that should be handled with gloves and goggles.

Make sure you are in a public place.  If possible, set the place where you know there are policemen.  If possible, go to a restaurant where you are known.  Don’t let merchandise out of your hand until you have the cash.  Don’t meet with anyone from Craigslist alone, ever.