Darth VaderTechnology, like most man-made things can be used for good or evil.  At it’s finest, technology can make our lives easier, connect us to family and friends, create opportunities for business expansion and provide great entertainment.  These are tools to keep us informed and help us make decisions and be productive.

And yet, there are clear abuses of technology showing that every thing can have a dark side.  From self-important snobbery creating business chaos like Tumblr at Fashion Week, to the complete destruction of journalistic integrity demonstrated  by News of the World staffers hacking phones, voice mail and text messages.

The answer to both of these issues and more is in the hands of the public; stop using these businesses and services.  Don’t follow anyone who blogs on the site and don’t read any stories by that publication.  The Internet provides nearly unlimited sources of ethical, entertaining information.  There is no need for writers to be tainted by unethical companies or for readers to spend their valuable time supporting venues that refuse to operate in an ethical and respectful manner.

This is the age of the consumer; use your Social Media power to force news providers to be fair and respectful (as News of the World learned the hard way).

Power to the people.